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Why engagement sessions are an important part of wedding photography


I get the question all the time - “if we don’t want an engagement session can we receive a discount on our wedding package?” And the short of my answer is always the same - no.

While I offer packages in different price ranges to accommodate couples with varying budgets, engagement sessions are included in all of them for a reason. This time is important for me to get to know how a couple interacts and recognize the best ways to document their relationship while at the same time it gives my clients a chance to become comfortable and confident with me.

Instead of telling you all about it myself, I asked my clients Brianne and Jordan a few questions about their recent engagement session.


What were your expecting the engagement session to be like? 

I don't think either of us really knew what to expect coming in, we were both a little nervous because of that. Based on our 2 previous times meeting you before we were expecting someone that knew what they were doing so we were both very excited to see the outcome of the session!

How were you feeling before the session?

I think Jordan was feeling good. Was just trying to have fun with it. I was nervous but it was obvious that there was no major pressure and that we could enjoy it and still get great pictures! Probably better pictures because we were always smiling.


How did you feel throughout the session and what made you feel this way?

I think we both felt very comfortable. With your style of taking photos, it was nice that you just had us act natural and do our own thing while you were in the background taking the photos. It made for awesome photos I think because none of it was forced or staged, it was really natural. You gave the perfect amount of direction in regards to what we needed to do with it still feeling like we were just on an adventure through the city on our own. After the first 5 minutes it was very clear that you weren't going to make us do any poses or put us in any situations that would make us feel uncomfortable. It was super nice that you would show us the odd photo as you were taking them it was nice to see the outcome of them and made us feel very confident in what photos we were going to get from the session!


How did the reality of the session compare to your expectations going in?

I think our expectations were very much so exceeded, our photography/ videography was one of the biggest expenses in our wedding budget as it was important to both of us so both of our expectations were pretty high but you exceeded our expectations not only in the ease and comfort of the session but with the quality of the photo's we received back! 

After receiving your photos from the engagement session, how do you feel in regards to photos on your wedding day?

I think it was important to have the engagement photo session, it really helped us see how you work as a photographer and gave us a glimpse into that your photos were better that others in regards to what we were looking for in the photos. We are both very excited for the wedding day photos! 

A huge thank you to Jordan and Brianne for being so much fun to work with and for taking the time to share about their experience. The images I’ve included are some of their favourites from the session and this last one also happens to be mine ;)


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