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A lover's letter to winter in search of closure

 Katee Pederson is a Saskatoon based photographer specializing in commercial, food, portrait, travel, and wedding photography.

You began slow, mild weather in your hand

I started fast 

A broken heart in mine


Though you promised nothing 

But dark evenings and shorter days

I had big dreams of what we would become


I penned in adventures both near and far

Tracking our future progress 

Long before the snow covered the ground 


You were quick to whisper reminders 

Of how you could never guarantee

Yet somehow I was confident the future was ours


As the snow began to stick my plans chose to slip

Agendas changed but I held faith 

“It will work out in the end.”


It wasn’t long before our meetings became turbulent

Still I fought to hold tight 

My mind doesn’t change once it’s made


All through the deep freeze I remained optimistic

Attracted to the challenge while friends recited warnings  

More than turned off by your cold front


I waited - patiently, not exactly

But waited none the less

Certain in time you would provide for my needs


I rescheduled what I could, cancelled what I couldn’t

Begging you to warm up 

To finally make space 


Visions, they lingered

Written down to become true

Of days wrapped tight in your unforgiving arms


When others asked of my plans

I articulated with confidence

Dreams always feel real from the inside

Warmer weather was coming

I could feel it in my bones

It’s not like me to not get what I want


Suddenly, dear friend, you woke me with the truth

Snow turned to mud 

Your reputation alongside it


Left with desires unfulfilled

Verses echoing in me ears 

You don’t make promises, I remember

I wasted my chance, did things wrong from the beginning

It’s my words and your voice

That I’m awake with each night 

Even at that, I know they’re not true

You’ll be back soon enough

You never say never


I’ve got a lifetime ahead, to figure us out

But with the way you left me

You should hope I don’t move on before you change your mind