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Website Photo Make-Over by The Alicia Bruce


It’s funny how photographers are always the last people to pay for photos of themselves. As much as we communicate with people daily about how important professional photographs are, we’re always quick to throw together a self-timer tripod pic or attempt to get a friend to recreate an image you’ve got pictured in your head. Unsurprisingly this isn’t the best way to go about things.


When I was in DC last month I bit the bullet and booked a session with a photographer who’s style and personality I adore. I first heard of Alicia Bruce when she was a guest on a podcast hosted by our business coach, Kristen Kalp. After listening to the episode she not only inspired me to break into branding photography but also got me on board with finally hiring KK.

Alicia and I spent a morning exploring Georgetown, a cute European esque neighbourhood in Washington, while she snapped photos of me strolling along cobblestone streets, writing nonsense in my notebook, and sneaking photos on my film camera. As someone who is typically hiding behind the camera, I was nervous to spend an entire session in front of it. Alicia made it easy, though. She is so great at helping you feel relaxed and confident, keeping the entire experience fun and easy going! The result was 30+ photos of myself that show off my personality to place throughout my website.

Actually posting the photos was a whole other internal challenge. I’ve never had this many quality photographs of myself, let alone slathered them all over my website. How narcissistic can I be, putting up more than 10 different pictures of just myself throughout 7 different pages? But Kristen is constantly telling us that our clients need to see us to get to know us, and need to know us in order to want to hire us.

So I did it. There isn’t a page on my site that you can visit without seeing my face. Terrifying? Totally. But it’s time I practiced what I preach and stop hiding behind my work.

So go ahead and click around my site to take a peek at Alicia’s amazing work!