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Terri and Beven


You know those early spring days when you check the temperature and you’re like, “yesss, things are starting to warm up!” and then you look at the streets and you’re like, “nooo, things are starting to warm up.” That was Terri and Beven’s wedding day. It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon in mid-March, which meant the roads were mucky as can be and the church parking lot was a giant puddle. But if anyone can handle dirty slushy streets on their wedding day, these two are the ones for the job.

Terri and Beven incorporated laughter into every part of their day. From their ceremony to reception, there weren’t many moments unaccompanied by a joke or two. This was especially evident while hanging out with their bridal party during photos. It was never a challenge to get the group smiling, laughing, and interacting with one another. Terry and Beven were also graciously eager to give a couple somewhat unconventional photo locations a shot as the more sought after spots would have had us all knee deep in slush - this didn’t stop them from getting ankle deep in snow, though!

Along with all the fun, Terri and Beven’s day was a true testament of their love for one another which is centred around their love for God. It was beautiful to see constant examples of this love throughout the day. Thank you both for the blessing of documenting your marriage, I wish you all the best in your years ahead.