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Mont Tremblant

I love the mountains. No matter what time of year it is, I love looking up at their peaks, or, if I've found a way to the top, taking in the vastness below.  One of the many things I wanted to do while living in Ottawa was visit the mountains in Quebec. I knew they wouldn't be like the Rockies back West or the Alps in Switzerland, but it was still something I wanted to explore.  

When Alicia mentioned that she was headed to Tremblant for the day to get a shot for her portfolio, I was very quick to offer my assistance - this time in the form of childcare. The image she needed was of her husband, and she wasn't too sure what she'd do with her 3-year-old on the side of a mountain while she was busy photographing.  That's where Nanny Katee comes in. 

With being pregnant, Alicia has found finishing the semester to be a little more difficult than normal (because being a full time student while raising a toddler wasn't difficult enough).  I try to do my best to help her when I can, even if it's just small things like carrying some light stands or pushing a stroller up a hill. Besides, she pays me back with car rides everywhere.  Actually, if we're keeping track, I'm sure I owe her A LOT more.

Either way, I gladly played in the snow with Owen at the top of the gondola while she got the photo she needed. We spent the rest of the afternoon eating delicious pizza, going for a swim at the Aqua Club (Owen loved it) and walking around the village window shopping.  It's so nice when you can take something that needs to get done for school and make a super fun day of it!   

Alicia got the shot she needed, I got my mountain fix, Owen had a blast experiencing new things like gondola rides and water slides, and Alicia's husband Brent got in a few runs on the hill.  Mont Tremblant has been checked off the list of places I've been and I was also able to take some photographs of the beautiful views while I was there. 

Had to finish with a snap of Owen and I, because he's adorable and I love him.