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May Long on the Water

I've been trying this thing lately where I go out of my way to meet new people.  Back in April I messaged a fellow instagrammer @anothernate and asked if he wanted to get together to chat about photography, outdoor adventures, and other fun things we like to do.  We had a good evening exchanging stories and have stayed in touch since.  When a group of his friends were headed up to the La Ronge area for the May Long weekend and he couldn't make it, he asked if I wanted to join the crew to get in some white water practice.  I eagerly accepted and before I knew it I was jumping in the car with three strangers on our way north.

I had followed @ragnarrobinson on instagram for some time as well, so I was looking forward to getting to know him and seeing more of his creative process.  We stayed at his parent's place just south of La Ronge and both Sid and Hilary were gracious hosts.  A few more friends from the area rolled in in the morning as we packed up the canoes and headed to Montreal Lake for our first day on the water.  10 of us in total paddled from a small launch site just south of Malanosa towards and down the Montreal River for about 30km.  The river was still high from the snow melt which meant the water was more moving than white, but it was a nice way to start out the season.  We took our time enjoying the beautiful spring day and made it to the bridge where Highway 2 crosses the Montreal River around 4 in the afternoon.  We spent the evening chatting, laughing, and exploring the land around the Robinson family home and then got some rest for day 2.  

On Sunday Ragnar, Andrew, Dylan, Frank, Scott, and I drove the canoes to a spot on Highway 165 where it crosses over the Nipekamew River.  There we launched upstream and paddled for over two hours to view the Nipekamew Sand Cliffs.  I definitely struggled to keep up with the guys as we zig-zagged back and forth between eddies, but it was also some of the most fun I've ever had canoeing!  We made ourselves a nice little KD lunch (puns with my name were plentiful) across from one of the cliffs before a quick 20 minute float back downstream to the bridge.  There was a fun bunch of rapids just past the bridge which Scott and Frank ran and then we packed up and headed home. I put together a few clips from the day which you can check out below.

A day trip on the Nipekamew River near La Ronge, Saskatchewan.  Music: "Love Like This", Kodaline

People often give me questioning looks or comments when they hear about my impulsive trips with new friends, but so far it's always been well worth it.  It has allowed me to explore unique places, meet interesting people, and take some cool photos while I'm at it.  Be sure to check out Ragnar's drone footage on Facebook and stay tuned to The Scoot Life on YouTube for Scott's episode from the weekend.  And when the opportunity arises for your next adventure, don't say no.  

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