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Exploring Winnipeg

©KateePederson Winnipeg-33.jpg

While in Winnipeg last week I spent one day wandering the Winnipeg Art Gallery (which was fantastic!) and another wandering the streets of its city centre.  I left my sister’s place on Spence in late afternoon and made my way over to Thom Bargen Coffee & Tea for a morning London Fog and Muffin while I read for a bit.  I was that person taking a picture of my latte (and their beautiful plant wall) and even asked one of their barista’s for a portrait before I left.  I loved the vibe of the place but won’t lie; the prices were a little steep.

After that I headed north a block to Portage and continued towards downtown.  I stepped into Don’s Photo to see what they had for used gear and ended up talking with a sales associate about the new Canon 5D iv, the rumoured 6D ii, and which buildings to keep my eye on for architecture shots around Portage and Main.

Soon after exiting Don's, MEC caught my eye and I spent probably too much time in there browsing canoe and camping gear before I purchased a dry-bag for my canoe trip this summer.

Not disappointed, I captured some architectural photos along Portage and turned north on Main leaving Downtown and entering the Exchange District.  This area is full of historical buildings and trendy shops.  I stopped in at a thrift store where I bought an antique box camera, a hat store where I impulsively purchased some made-in-Winnipeg Garbage Mitts, and poked my head in a few other cute shops.  I enjoyed a coconut curry noodle box from Bodegoes for lunch and for dessert picked up a Cheesecake in a Jar from cake-ology before returning back down Main heading towards The Forks

The sun had joined me by this time and the afternoon walk towards the river and past the Museum for Human Rights was lovely.  I visited Union Train Station before meandering the Shops at The Forks.  I had dinner at its newly renovated food court the evening before (nuburger was delish) and wanted to get a photograph of it's cool new feel.  I chatted for a bit with the man working at the skate rental and he convinced me that I need to return when the weather's colder and the river trails are open to skate.

©KateePederson Winnipeg-53.jpg

Instead of skating like I would have preferred, I walked along the river and stopped in at Oh Doughnuts and was introduced to the goodness that is a savoury doughnut.  An "everything bagel" flavoured doughnut with herb cream cheese - yes please!  I proceeded to read the menu and learnt that they would have cronuts (doughnuts made with croissant dough) the following morning and planned to return before I left town because I never pass up an opportunity for such a bliss.  You might remember the time I was introduced to the creation in Montreal

Alas, as my feet were growing tired I made my way past the Manitoba Legislature and back to my sister's home to offload both the contents of my camera and my backpack.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Winnipeg's got a bat rap from the rest of Canada, but it's really a wonderful city.  Go for a visit sometime, I promise you'll enjoy it.