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C&L's Modern Engagement Session


When Courtney and Louis got in touch about their upcoming engagement session, I was thrilled about their idea of finding an indoor location.  Though it now appears that spring is finally on it's way, we all know that two weeks ago was a totally different story.  With unpredictable weather it was difficult to plan for an outdoor session, but I had been eyeing up these locations and was excited to try them out.  

I had so much fun incorporating the modern architecture of the Remai into these photographs.  Courtney and Louis share such a genuine connection and love for one another and it was a pleasure to capture their interactions throughout the day.  After the Remai, we walked down to Picaro and set them up on a little date while I snuck around the restaurant with my camera - luckily it was mid-afternoon and we had the whole place to ourselves!  I left our session feeling so excited about what we had created - it was quite different than my typical approach and had felt good to stretch myself a bit. 

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