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On-brand photographs for your business by Katee Pederson


Branding photographs compliment your brand and enhance your consumer’s experience which encourages more likes, engagements, and site visits to drives more sales. If you’re a freelancer, home business, tech start-up, brick & mortar shop, or 6+ figure corporation, branding photography is for you. Here’s what it can include:


The Headshot

You are your brand. Revealing your face gives your clients and customers someone to connect with, providing a better understanding of who they are working with and buying from. This is where we showcase your personality and the way it intersects with your brand through your body language, clothing, environment, and facial expression.

These images are great for the about me page on your website, social media profile pictures, and business cards.

“Katee did the headshots for my blog, Shifting Roots, and they were exactly what I had hoped they would be. They reflected my brand and I get tons of compliments on them.” - Kristen Raney, Shifting Roots Blog

The Product

If you are selling a physical product, your customers need to see what it looks like! Whether they’re taken in a studio or on location, you want quality photos that highlight your product’s best features.

These photographs are ideal for your online shop and social media sales campaigns.

“Katee was so wonderful to work with! She spent time getting to know me and my products before the shoot and seemed to really understand the heart of the brand and know exactly how to capture that in her photographs. My model commented on how at ease Katee made her feel and how good she was at directing her to look her best, and I couldn't agree more!” - Becky Stone, Amara Collective

The Experience

Sometimes you’re selling an experience and other times your product creates an experience. Help your audience envision how your event, product, or service will look and feel by providing photographs that communicate just that.

These images are more documentary in style and work well to up your social media game and website aesthetic.

“Oh my goodness Katee, these are so great!!! I really appreciate how you dove in with such short notice and the incredibly fast turn around to deliver the photos is unreal. You are such a gem.” - Shannon Richards, The Ace Class Community Activator

The Process

These sessions are my favourite! It’s where we get to let people in on your process as a creator and showcase the hard work and attention that you put into everything you do.

These photos are perfect to interlace throughout your social media marketing and website to complete the story of what your brand is about.

“Katee was confident and easy going during the shoot! She knows her cameras and her work proves it.” - Robynn Olson, Painter

Want to do it all? Branding mini-sessions are $350 and include a little bit of everything!

Want to do it 4x over? Subscriptions for quarterly sessions are only $100/month.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You fill out the form below letting me know a bit about your brand and what type of photography you’re looking for. If you’re not sure, that’s okay, I’m here to help! We’ll book a meeting to talk about it all in person.

  2. We’ll meet at my home-office in the ‘burbs (that’s me trying to make Brighton cool) or over the phone to get to know one another, hash out a plan, and build a contract and shot list that works for us both. There is no pressure to sign on the dotted line at this meeting - you can always feel free to mull things over at home and move at your own pace.

  3. Picture day! Like your elementary school portraits but way more fun. Once our contract is complete and your first payment has been made we’ll book your photo session. Depending on your needs this might be a whole day affair or a quick shoot on your lunch break. Full payment will be made before I click the shutter.

  4. I’ll send you an unedited proof gallery of all the usable images from our shoot and you’ll pick your favourites according to the number of deliverables laid out in our contract. This may also take place in person at the time of the shoot.

  5. Mail time! After some editing magic to make sure everything is looking crisp and clean and fitting perfectly with your brand, I’ll send you a zipped download containing your on-brand photos to share with the world!

Have questions? Contact me! Ready to go? Fill out the form!

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