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Updates, personal work, new adventures, and behind the scenes by photographer Katee Pederson.

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6 reasons why you should order a wedding album (from a professional)

One of my favourite services that I offer to my clients is the design and production of custom wedding albums.  I've always been an advocate for printed photos and when it comes to printing in high volumes, albums are the way to go.  Here is my list of 6 reasons why you should order a wedding album. 

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Welcome to Kinasao

Kinasao (kin-ah-say-oh) is a Cree word meaning fish.  Camp Kinasao is a Lutheran Bible Camp located 180 km north of Saskatoon, SK in a transition area between boreal forest and prairie.  It sits on Christopher Lake and is surrounded by trees about 15km away from Prince Albert National Park.  It is 75 years old and it is my home.

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