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Updates, personal work, and behind the scenes by photographer Katee Pederson.


My first stop on my month long trip to Europe was the City of Oxford.  The last time I had been in England was 6 years ago with my high school history class, so it was safe to say I was excited to be back to explore on my own.  Having two friends from Madrid now residing in Oxford made visiting on this trip a must.  The short coach ride from the airport reminded me of how movie-like England is - from the thatched-roof farmhouses to the cobble-stone roads it almost didn't seem real.   

 Tea with Sheridan.

Tea with Sheridan.

My time in the iconic college town included afternoon tea in a picturesque garden, punting along a stream during golden hour, a walking tour learning about the vast history of the city, rooftop cocktails, and many hours spent reconnecting with old friends.

I adored every part of Oxford, from the way everyone cycles everywhere to the beautiful architecture and endless supply of cute coffee shops and book stores.  I would definitely recommend visiting if you're ever travelling in England.