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Land of Living Skies

If you've ever met me - heck, if you've ever followed me on Instagram - you'll know that I am passionate about where I'm from.  I love Saskatchewan.  I love the wide open skies and never ending fields.  I love the lakes and the forests and the rivers and the sand.  I don't always love the weather but the people make up for it.  I love that the sun is shining more often than not. I love that there is so much of this province that I have yet to explore.  I love that no matter where I might be, I can look out my window and see forever here. My forever, at least.

Here is my ode to Saskatchewan.  The land of living skies.  I can't say I brought my camera out much this summer.  But I also can't say that I'm sorry for it.  It was often by choice that I stood in awe of this land, enjoying a moment of simple perfection rather than capturing it.  Because though yes, I am a photographer, there are some things you just need to experience.  It feels wrong to interrupt such a moment with the click of a shutter.  So here's a taste of Saskatchewan for you, and hopefully a little nudge to come out for a visit.  To come and experience what can't possibly be confined within something man made.