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Charity and Adam's Intimate Beach Wedding


When it came to planning their wedding, Adam and Charity chose to live by their own rules. They didn’t want a long engagement and they didn't wan’t an extravagant event. Instead, they chose a Tuesday morning in August a few months after their engagement to tie the knot at their favourite spot with only their immediate family present. It was a cooler windy morning - because that’s Saskatchewan for you - but everyone was kept warm by an overwhelming amount of love. The rain started to fall just minutes after their first kiss as husband and wife but Charity and Adam didn’t let that dampen their spirits. They grabbed umbrellas for group photos, embracing the bright colours and having a little fun with it. And after warming up with a blanket that was used at both of Adam’s sister’s weddings we wandered the sandbar and shoreline to take photos as the rain came and went. These two may have said no to the traditional on their wedding day, but they said yes to a whole lot more.