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Algonquin College Final Portfolio and Exhibition

Algonquin College Photography Program’s 42nd Annual Photography Exhibition was a huge success!  Thank you to all who participated and attended!  It was such a joy spending the last 2 years working with and learning from such talented individuals and we were all very grateful to  be able to display our work for you.   

I am very proud to present to you my 2nd year portfolio below.  Some of the images you may have seen before and others are brand new.  While this will never be the same as viewing my images in print, like any musician would say about an album, they are best observed as a cohesive body.  

Our portfolios had a few guidelines, such as needing to follow a theme, and some of the specific images were mandatory as well.  We had to include an environmental portrait, a self-portrait, a creative ad, a food layout, and a magazine cover.  

It is an absolute honour to have been awarded the Steve McCurry Portrait Award of Excellence for the final image in my portfolio.  Steve McCurry is known for his captivating portraits that portray the culture and emotion of people around the world, often gracing the cover of National Geographic.  He selected my portrait out of a group of other beautiful works and wrote me a personal letter explaining why.  Thank you is not enough.

I also received first runner up in the categories of Best Food Layout, Best Magazine Cover, and Best Portfolio.  Again, such an honour.   

I must thank everyone who so graciously agreed to model for me, often braving the elements.  As well as my amazing assistants, Becky White and Alicia Riddle who without them I could not have put together half the shoots that went into creating this portfolio.  And I couldn’t have done any of it without my dedicated professors who poured endless hours going above and beyond their requirements as a teacher to help my classmates and I succeed.   

My photographic goal is to tell stories through beautiful images.  I want to grab a person’s attention and make them curious to know more. My hope with this series is to remind people of water’s beauty, its mystery, its power, and its potential. 

SD1 Pederson K W15.jpg