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A Firework Proposal


Eric, Danielle, and I all met in high school.  We became part of the same group of friends and spent many weekends hanging out doing things that high school kids do.  The two of them started dating a year or two after we graduated and though we’ve kept in touch a bit over the years, various moves by each of us to different cities have unfortunately kept our visits infrequent. 

When Eric sent me a message on Facebook out of the blue a couple weeks ago, asking to meet up for coffee, I had a feeling I knew what he wanted to talk about.  He had a plan, and he wanted me to photograph it.  Eric spent the next week coordinating with Danielle's family as he built this beautiful gazebo dance floor in their farmyard.  I loved seeing his romantic side, as he worked to make sure every detail was perfect.   

It was an honour to document this moment for two of my friends and I am so excited to see what their life together will bring.