Katee Pederson


Updates, personal work, new adventures, and behind the scenes by photographer Katee Pederson.

Branding Session with Jenni Haikonen

Jenni is a watercolour and acrylic painter who specializes in botanicals. She wanted some photographs of her in her space that match the ascetic of her paintings and personal style - here’s what we came up with.

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5 Unique Experiences In Cypress Hills Destination Area

Like many Saskatonians I typically head north for my summertime lake-in-the-woods fix. This June, however, South-Eastern Saskatchewan made for a welcome change of scenery. The rolling hills and towering pines far exceeded my expectations.

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Custom-Made Guestbook Signing Albums

I see more and more couples moving away from traditional guestbooks and towards unique options like canvas prints, paintings, puzzles, maps, and other artwork for their guests to sign. I find these signing albums offer the perfect alternative for clients who may not have the space for a large centrepiece in their home but want more of a personal touch to their guestbook.

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